Avoid, Remove, Repair

Be beautiful from the inside out with French Secret® preservative-free skincare and mineral makeup products, along with our exclusive dietary supplement, Beauty Secret From within. Avoid toxins that can be harmful to your health and nourish your skin to achieve a glow that comes from actually being healthy, not just appearing that way.


Rediscover your beauty inside and out with our toxin-free, all-natural cosmetics.

French Secret™ is a truly all-natural line of skincare and mineral makeup that uses natural extracts and medicinal grade essential oils to promote healthy skin and contains no parabens or preservatives of any kind. Essential oils have a long history of use for both mental and physical benefits.  When inhaled their aroma can stimulate and arouse senses and when applied topically essential oils can have various benefits.  The French Secret™ line was developed using various blends of the highest quality and all natural essential oils to maximize the synergy between these two functions.

Organically grown plants are used whenever possible, as well as unrefined vegetable oils and various plant essences that provide you with the highest quality not only in skincare and makeup products but also in specialized formulas. Because they are free of synthetic preservatives and contain nourishing essential oils and other botanicals, the French Secret products will keep every inch of you looking and feeling your absolute best.

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